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About Us

We are Blissful Doctors ..

BLISSFUL DOCTORS are Life purpose realized holistic doctors who treats the body's illness by less invasive medicines & surgeries .. and also awakens the patient to heal mind & soul .. which plays a major role in regaining total body-mind-soul holistic health. The net result is patient / health seeker becomes physically fit and agile .. mentally calm and creative .. emotionally balanced and productive .. socially responsible and communicative .. and spiritually satisfactory and super-conscious.

Our Principal Theme .. Holistic Health & Wellness
Basic Nature .. Compassion & Un-Conditional Love
Innate Strengths: Scientific Temper, Sense of Humor, Common Sense
Fond Dream .. A Perfectly Healthy & Happy Humanity
Main Agenda .. Spreading Soulful Smiles Globally
Only Temples are our Hospitals ..Patients are our Gods
Believe in: Minimally Invasive Modern Medicine & Holistic Body-Mind-Soul Care
Approach: Root Cause Understanding & Unleashing Total Inner Healing Potential
Passion .. Exploring all Holistic Health Dimensions
Mission: Awakening Inner Healer-Doctor-God Potential in common man
Extra Professional Activity: Sharing a Blissful Social Service
Message: You Can Heal Your Life & Be Yourself
Final Goal- Motivating the Medical Community .. re-creating Suffering and Sickness free Society
We Create a shift from Illness to Wellness .. Pain to Pleasure .. Worry to Wisdom .. Jealousy to Joy Invasive Information to True Transformation .. Blind Belief to Scientific Temper .. Past guilt and Future worry to Present Moment Awareness .. Problems to Challenges Attitude .. Victim-Parasitic Consciousness to Victory-Paradise Consciousness .. Unconscious Death Urge to Conscious Life Urge .. Sympathy to Empathy .. Selfish to Self-Ishque Stress & Suffering to Serene & Sharing a Service .. So On .. So Forth.